Bluebell Ballet School

Download a Bluebell Ballet Application Form. Please bring a completed copy with you to your first class.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Eleanor Gale, Jen Gilchrist, Aimee Fairfull and Megan Collett for completing their GCSE examinations this year! Congratulations to Jess Clark for completing her degree in Dance at Winchester University. Well done to Mel Lovell for completing her first year of teacher training!

Firstly a huge thank you to Gill Gilchrist who has hand made a phenominal amount of costumes. They are absolutely stunning and we know the girls will love dancing in them. Secondly to all those parents who have volunteered to help

It's almost here, so book your child's place now to avoid disappointment! If your child loves dancing, acting and making things then they will love this week! Five fun-filled days of ballet, tap, modern/jazz, musical theatre, choreography, singing, prop and scenery making,

Awarded to pupils with marked improvement, beautiful presentation or outstanding effort and contribution to the school. Isabelle Tucker: For her beautiful princess walks. Emma Timms: For her fantastic skips Lottie Packer: For her beautiful gallops Kalkhi Mayusan: For using beautiful hands on her bumblebee dance. Luca Cabreia: For improving his

March Sophia Bell, Jesica Casey, Maisie-Jane Collins, Eden Cronin, Isobel English, Jessica Hill, Elin Hughes, Megan Humphrey, Suzannah Laird, Amy Lai-Tan, Zara Whiteland, Darya Pryce, Delenn Mcloughlin, Naomi Whiteland, Luca Cabrera, Sophie Stafford, April Lucy Alcock, Pia Boeber ,Isobel Burford, Star Ehigou, Emma Freemand, Abigail Howard, Zoe James,

Krystine Cunningham and Suzannah Laird for successfully auditioning for the English Youth Ballet. Super work girls, we are so proud of you! Well done to Jen Gilchrist for successfully audtitioning for the dance display at Collingwood School. Jen will be performing